Lexus SUV Or Mercedes SUV: What The Customers Pick The Most!

To find a car that whistles with your vision is a difficult task. But that doesn’t mean you cannot find one. The quotient to understand here is the use of latest technology and safety systems to enhance the joy of rides. And when it comes with added style and features it becomes a treat!

The latest of Mercedes SUV has provided for the unique blend of class, style and technology to bring to the customers an extremely intricate experience. Compared to Lexus SUV the car is preferred by the customers because of its brand, portfolios and premium experience.

Why Mercedes SUV is better than Lexus SUV?

Mercedes SUV and Lexus SUV are preferred interchangeably between the customers because of their features which are quite comparative. Although there are some features which can be well distinguished for results. Horsepower of Mercedes SUV is 449 while that os Lexus stands at 383. Fuel economy of Benz is 16 which that of Lexus are 15. Both the vehicles are V8s but Mercedes provides for fuel capacity of 4.7L while Lexus gives a 5.7L. This comparison is for the models LX570 Lexus and GLS 550 4Matic Mercedes.

Design and safety

When it comes to premium design of cars twi important factors are technology and safety. While most of the cars today are customizable it really depends on the basic features that come loaded in them. By far Mercedes has been an undisputed choice for splendor performance and powerful engine along with safety features. These include remote diagnostics, location finder, emergency assistance, etc. There is a toolkit and manual for every feature loaded in the car.

Experience luxury with largest SUVs

SUV or the Small Utility Vehicles provides the customers with luxury when traveling with your family. Spacious and powerful the SUVs are the answer to the city dwelling people who want an edge in style while making their car super flexible for city as well as outstation travels. Here engine horsepower and comfort is very important. Both Lexus SUV and Mercedes meets the needs of the customers with great features loaded onto them. With swift style and effervescent looks there also comes a variety of comfortable features to extend for travel safety and comfort.

Mercedes SUV any day beats the style and looks of Lexus SUV. The sleek look of the car and the design matches with most of the needs of the customers fitting into their choices perfectly. This is a more robust design to bank on!

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