What to Prioritize in Auto Dealer CRM Tasks rather than Multitasking?

Multitasking is referred to doing a lot of things at once and in many cases, it means performing at tasks poorly. As a matter of fact, research proves that multitasking is a huge myth and our brains are simply not designed to do multiple tasks at once. It tends to deteriorate our productivity and dampens the creative thought. Nevertheless, many people try this. This is how you should avoid it. Simply get your priorities straight and admit that you won’t be able to do everything, as not everything can be deemed a priority.

Prioritizing the CRM tasks

If you are in sales or service department at a dealership, your auto dealership software like automotive CRM assists you to manage activities and accomplish tasks. But if you don’t prioritize it, it can be overwhelming as well. When you see so many tasks marked as high priority, know that you are in trouble. But, if your list isn’t that long, then you are effectively managing your day. If you have time to spare despite working on your daily tasks, this is legit as well. Always focus on the big picture when it comes to prioritizing. According to the Pareto principle, 80 percent of your outcome arrives from the 20 percent of your hard work. The hardest part is ascertaining which 20 percent brings out the results you want.

Focusing on the sale versus the customer

If your top priority to increase the sales or to look after the needs of your customer. Looking after the latter will bring you more sale. But if you focus on the sale, you might not be able to look after your customer which results in poor business experience. No matter what business you are in, always look after your customer. It should be your topmost priority. Always create workflows and processes to look after your customers and flag these items in your auto dealership software CRM as your highest priority.

Prioritizing your customers as well as your team

It is tough to prioritize one customer after the other. Make the most of your CRM to run the revenue reports to see your existing and potential VIP customers. You should always look at all the customers in equal light. But it is important to look after your loyal customers first. The second priority goes to the team. Your peers need info, approvals or advice to accomplish their task. Every workflow should indulge at least one person hence, your peers should always be your second priority.

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